National Demolition Contractors is the leading service provider when it comes to industrial abatement and remediation services. With an extremely low experience modification rate (EMR) and zero OSHA incident rate, National Demolition Contractors isn’t just setting the new standard…it’s changing the industry.

National Demolition Contractors offers round-the-clock emergency services. With extensive specialized equipment, our emergency response teams are equipped to handle any task safely. From hazardous spills to highway rollovers, we have got you covered.

Be prepared. Contact us today to get your free emergency response kit that includes our emergency contact list, EMR decals and instructions.


National Demolition Contractors is one of the leading service providers when it comes to industrial or commercial demolition. In addition, National offers environmental cleanups, asbestos or lead abatement and site remediation services. With an unparalleled (0.65) experience modification rate (EMR) and flawless zero OSHA incident rate, we are setting new standards. We are proof positive that sophisticated heavy environmental and industrial demolition that employs numerous disciplines, can be done safely.

We have never in the history of our company since its inception in 1997, had an injury or accident causing a recordable loss of work time.


We have removed asbestos containing materials for over a decade with a knowledge and dedication to providing the most professional work ethics in the industry. Using practical in-field experience, and having thousands of projects for both public and private agencies under our belt, we are the definitive choice for asbestos abatement at competitive prices.By implementing and using the most up to date and advanced abatement technologies and equipment in the industry, we not only meet, but exceed all state and federally required standards.

Exposure to lead can result in serious health problems. It is therefore one of today’s most daunting challenges to remove lead based paint from our older structures thereby alleviating fears of debilitating illnesses to the public and most importantly our children!

Through the use of the most advanced technologies and equipment available, our teams will work with you to remove lead safely and effectively from initial testing and inspection all the way through abatement and encapsulation. We are a true one-stop-shop. Don’t risk your health. Protect your family or employees and contact us today!

Mold, when found indoors, thrives in damp and warm environments. If left untreated, some molds can produce toxins that cause severely negative health effects. By removing compromised materials and remediating with organically safe enzymes, National Demolition Contractors is quickly becoming the preferred choice for mold removal. We follow all current OSHA guidelines and can conduct a simple, inexpensive test to ascertain if mold is present in your place of business or home.

Fireproofing materials in are commonly found in older buildings and generally contain asbestos. Improper removal of these materials can be hazardous to building occupants, the surrounding neighborhood and may potentially lead to more costly problems in the future. National Demolition Contractors has extensive experience in removing and properly disposing of this hazardous type of fireproofing material, so you can rest assured the job will be done right.


Unfortunately, industrial accidents happen every day for a myriad of reasons. No matter how much we try to avoid them, they still can happen at any time. If a hazardous spill occurs at the work place or on a freeway, time is of the essence. A slow response to an industrial accident can cost millions in downtime and loss of productivity. National Demolition Contractors can help. Our emergency response units are ready 24/7 to clean up every type of potential type of industrial accident.

Reliability and accuracy must be the standards when performing commercial soil testing and soil sampling. It has been our approach for over 10 years. At national, we realize that no two jobs are quite the same and variations at times need to be made. Agencies and property owners can rest assured that National wil collect soil samples accurately, elimination cross-contamination.

National pre-plans all environmental soil testing and soil sampling efforts by researching, recognizing and taking all factors, including the governing body (agency), into consideration before stepping onsite. This enables the best decision making possible. All National professionals have OSHA’s 40 hour HAZWOPER certification and are capable of assessing site conditions and appropriate levels of protection for all involved workers.

The integrity of each commercial soil sample is maintained at the highest of levels through strict chain of custody procedures and test method appropriate preservation. Generally, a soil sample interval will consist of three to four samples that are representative of one another. One portion is utilized for screening on-site with either a portable photo ionization detector (PID), flame ionization detector (FID), or a combustible gas detector. Another portion will be used by National’s Professionals to classify the soil sample’s physical characteristics and descriptions according to the Unified Soil Classification System. The remaining portions are hermetically sealed and cooled, and in the event the samples cannot be submitted to the analytical soil testing laboratory the same day they are collected, they will be refrigerated until the first opportunity for submittal.

Upon arrival at the analytical soil testing laboratory, each sample will be assigned a unique log number that will be recorded on chain of custody documents and used to identify each sample throughout the soil testing and reporting processes.


Soil remediation is a complicated procedure requiring experience, equipment and technical knowledge. We are an environmental demolition and remediation contractor and our experience in handling hazards has earned the trust of the many local and state municipalities in addition to numerous privately held entities.

From petrochemical contamination to hazardous material pollution; from a pipeline rupture resulting in ground pollution to an oil spill on land, we provide full-service solutions. We have undertaken large scale soil remediation projects and take pride in knowing that our efforts and experience have led to countless commercial, private and educational structures being built on land previously considered toxic.

New and stringent State and Federal regulations now hold building owners and employers responsible for protecting employees, occupants and outside contractors from exposure to asbestos. National assists our clients by working with them to understand the regulatory requirements pertinent to their property and to develop programs to ensure their compliant with all regulations.

National is a leader in providing asbestos inspection, testing and abatement. National performs these services throughout the State of California. Our asbestos team is comprised of California Certified Asbestos Workers and Supervisors that have performed thousands of projects involving the identification, testing and abatement of hazardous materials prior to demolition or renovations.

Asbestos Service Includes

  • Comprehensive and Limited Asbestos Inspections
  • Work Plans and Bidding Assistance
  • Abatement Project Management and Monitoring
  • Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plans
  • Asbestos Training Includes (Class IV OSHA and AHERA Awareness, Class III OSHA Operations and Maintenance, and Class III OSHA Operations and Maintenance Supervisor)

National Demolition Contractors does not just come in and perform asbestos abatement only, should you need any property to be tested or inspected for lead, we can help too! Being in business for over a decade has given us the expertise and the resources you need to get your project underway. We can test for lead, abate and knock down your structure. There is no need to go anywhere else, and we are your true one-stop-shop!

Contact National Demolition Contractors today to learn more about our lead testing and inspection services. No job is too small or too big. And no project is too complex for National Demolition Contractors.