About us

National Demolition Contractors was founded over a decade ago by Jennifer and Jeff Perry. Starting out originally as a small construction hauling company, the company quickly grew to encompass demolition, lead and asbestos abatement and environmental remediation. After years of working in the residential demolition sector, the company shifted its focus to much larger and complicated projects that could be found in the public works arena.

Years ago, the industry was fraught with many unlicensed companies that sometimes gave the industry a bad name. Today’s standards however, demand that a demolition company is properly licensed, well trained, certified and highly capable. Sensitive areas of construction, such as abatement and other forms of environmental remediation require even more training. National has dedicated the money, time and resources necessary to meet the ever changing and stringent regulations and certifications required to perform our trade at the highest levels of compliance.

Over the past decade, our client spectrum has grown to include every type of city, county and state municipality, federal agencies, general contractors, real estate developers and every kind of private sector business imaginable. Yet having grown so much, we have still managed to maintain our flawless “zero incident” safety record with no OSHA citations ever! This is truly a testament to our company’s focus and commitment to not only provide superior service, but to do so in the safest way possible as well.

Excellence in performance and safety is a mindset that has to permeate throughout the company from the owners and upper management, through project management and all the operators and laborers who work in the field. It is this fierce dedication to our industry that guides us in seeking and employing the very best personnel and providing state of the art equipment with unparalleled safety to our clients.

National Demolition Contractors is a family business that has had the luxury of still keeping many long time employees of over 10 to 15 years of service and experience within our company. It is our dedicated staff that has helped us to grow our company to its current $350M bonding capacity and ability to tackle many multi-million dollar projects simultaneously. These people are what sets us apart from the competition and have propelled us to be one of the nation’s largest and most respected demolition contractors.

We serve California from San Diego to Crescent City and everywhere in between. We are currently expanding our capabilities to include Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.


Why national demolition?

We are ready for any challenge. We are properly licensed, bonded, insured, well trained, certified and highly capable. Improper demolition and abatement techniques can cause excessive damage, health risks and costly repairs. We make sure the job is done safety and correctly.

Why is National Demolition Contractors the right company for your job?

  •         Flawless safety record with industry leading 0.65 ERM rate
  •         No OSHA violations since our inception in 1998
  •         Bonding capacity of over $350 Million
  •         One of the largest wholly owned demolition fleets in the Western U.S.
  •         Multiple Service Lines


Services Lines Include but are not limited to:

  •         Demolition (Industrial, Commercial, Residential)
  •         Abatement (Lead/Asbestos)
  •         Site Remediation (Soil or Groundwater)
  •         Plant Decommissioning
  •         Asset Recovery and Management
  •         Recycling
  •         Green demolition
  •         Disaster relief
  •         Emergency Services
  •         Operated Equipment Rental

want to work for us?

We’re proud to have served hundreds of satisfied customers since our founding. Over the years, we’ve worked with such notable organizations as:

· Cal-trans
· City of Los Angeles
· Port of Long Beach
· Port of Los Angeles
· Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles
· Countless Private Organizations